Solitude’ © 2012


I moved 500 miles away from home

to the mountain wilderness & feet of snow

to loosen that grip & shake a hold

that only distance would allow me to refrain from it

For it had made me bitter

it made me cold

it made me do things

I would soon not recall

but the truth I always told

It changed my mind

it changed my heart

it changed the way

I “played” from the start

But, only for a little while

While yes now

I am freezing my ass off

… I keep hearing the sound of peace

rustling through old 400 foot tree’s

right outside my bedroom window

Where the ice glows at night

throughout the forest bright

Where trees stand as individuals

amongst undisturbed snow

… I shut the blinds

cuz my city slicker mind

has me hearing that ‘hah hah hah’

Jason rhyme

The loudness of silent moments

visit often

with memories of chaotic misery

to remind me of my solitude

and why I moved here

Not to run or hide

but I needed to clear my mind

release my self of others & their

trespasses & spite

So I welcome the notion

that the most

I have to concern myself with

is not revenge

but childish memories

that bring me goosebumps

during these moments of solitude


Image: South Lake Tahoe California Oct 23rd 2012

view from my bedroom window

© Copyright 2015 Tracey Easter | Poetic Photo Press

All Rights Reserved