Beauty is her name’ © 2010


Your beauty
stood before me
causing me to stop
and sit for hours
just to soak you up
like a massive oil painting
colored by only one
who truly loves you that much

One who would truly feel
and breathe your beauty
in all the Lords pride & glory

You inspired me without words
to capture your stunning essence
to bring you back home as a reminder
to all of those who are missing
To share with all who care
who have only heard your name
spoken around the world by many

To come find you here
to surrender and taste peace
Completely awe struck
to lure in all
to never want to leave
this magnificent place

Beautiful Tahoe
and beauty is her name’

 Sand Harbor East Lake Tahoe Nevada 2010


‘Beauty is her name’ was inspired by the Dru Hill song


© Copyright 2015 Tracey Easter Photography | Poetic Photo Press

All Rights Reserved