Tears of a broken woman’ © 2010

tearsI remember back
to when I first fell in love with you …
it was warm and windy
the skies were blue
White puffy clouds danced over my head
your  essence
as if like little kisses in the wind

The love you let shine’
made everything bad go away
it was a warm breezy Santa Ana kind of day
in Cali for ni a

Celebrate in your beauty
that is all that I wanted
so I would jump in my ride
headed for the water
Loving life
I was so care free
never could I have imagined
that one day your coldness
would be the end
to my being free

You carry many moods
just like all humans do
I do not fault your nature
I fault the actions of a carefree girl
when she thought of no danger
nor the havoc one can reek
Now I am ruled by you when I wake in the morning
sometimes damn
even now in the afternoon

I need not look out the window
to find out about your mood
you have buried your soul into my bones
I love you
I really do
but, it is time to go …
leave me alone

When you are in a foul mood
stirring up the wind
sending a chill
I get a desperate kind of feeling,
“to get  up out of here”
I cannot move I am simply frozen
it is pure hell
to give up a motivated life
for raw emotion
for this computer
to sit here
just to write  about how I feel
when now
I want to take flight
I want to run & jump
get down on the dance floor
move the crowd like I used to love
shoot a cloud
just sit on a pile of dirt
be down without being hurt

I know in my heart that it is not your fault
I created this mess
but damn
can you just cut me some slack?
Send me back to my place of peace …
the one where you shined’ your warmth and love
down on me endlessly


© Copyright 2015 Tracey Easter | Poetic Photo Press

All Rights Reserved